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Why a billion dollar CEO

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The dramatic income boost

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Being selected as a BOSI Certified Catalyst is a high honor — with millions of dollars in potential upside tied to each engagement

Going it alone as a trusted advisor has its advantages. But when having to juggle between service provider and business developer, things can get frustrating.
Then there are those times when a client’s need for hands-on execution in the business far exceeds your capacity or passion. Growing companies need human and financial capital to scale. The CEO needs your guidance and advice – but also needs a team that can make their vision a reality faster than their employees can.
For these situations and many more, join the global network of high-output business advisors who are leveraging the BOSI brand, tools and delivery team to deliver sustainable and scalable results for clients.
Start with this 3-part conversation with BOSI Certified Catalyst Barry Saltzman and contact us to begin the mutual interview and screening process.

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